Tania L. Abramson

Photo Art of Tania Abramson


Art & Trauma, Gender & Visual Art

Areas of Study:

  • Visual Art and Culture
  • Trauma Memory and the Body
  • Gendered Violence
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Historical and Contemporary Sex Trafficking
  • Systemic Racism
  • Gendered experience of War
  • Gender Studies


MFA  Claremont Graduate University
BFA   California State University Long Beach


Tania L. Abramson, MFA, is a visual-conceptual artist with an emphasis on gender violence and social injustice. Her research focuses primarily on gendered trauma as expressed in visual artworks. She is a Lecturer both in Feminist Studies at UCSB, and in the Honors Collegium at UCLA, where she created and teaches the course Feminism, Art & Metaphors of Trauma 159 and teaches a co-created course Art & Trauma 149. Presenting lectures and workshops in the United States and Europe are an outgrowth of both her scholarship and teaching. In addition to being the Art Editor for the online anti-racist arts and poetry journal Breathe, she has published three art books (Shame and the Eternal Abyss, Truth Lies, and Concern), and her artworks have appeared in numerous academic journals, cover art for Breathe, and gallery exhibitions.


Tania L. Abramson’s seminal article, Unchain My Aguish: A Feminist Take on Art and Trauma was published in the 40th anniversary issue of Feminist Review in 2019. Other articles of hers have appeared in Aesthetic Investigations, the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, Contemporary Aesthetics, Studies in Art Education, and Visual Inquiry. Tania is currently working on an invited chapter for the Oxford University Press Handbook titled Mental Health and Contemporary Western Aesthetics.


Courses Taught:

  • FEMST 186AD in Fall quarter 2021