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Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary field that produces cutting-edge research and fosters innovative teaching. The subject matter of feminist studies is more than women: research and teaching focus on the ways that relations of gender, intersecting with race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, ability, and other differences, affect every aspect of society.

The Department, with nine core and over 40 affiliated faculty members, offers a multifaceted curriculum that invites students to deepen their understanding of diverse women's lives, cultures, and histories in the United States and around the globe. It offers a major, minor, and a doctoral emphasis for graduate students in affiliated departments, and it houses a minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer studies. The Departmentt has an MA/PhD in Feminist Studies with concentrations in Race and Nation, Genders and Sexualities, and Productive and Reproductive Labors from intersectional and transnational perspectives.

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