Graduate Teaching Awards & Honors

Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2023:

Yuri Fraccaroli, "The Archive and the cafezinho: Challenging (disembodied) histories by embodied archival experiences at Acervo Bajubá, an LGBT+ community archive in Brazil"

Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2022:

Alex Mireles, “Paisa Aesthetics: Streetwear Fashion and Latinx Aesthetic Labor”

Distinguished Service Award 2022:

Alex Mireles, Graduate Student Representative
Vivi Valle and Amoni Thompson, Graduate Student Representatives on Search Committees

Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award 2022:

Emma Schuster and Kimberly Soriano

Honorable mention, last year's awardee: AP Pierce

Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2021:

Jordan Tudisco, “A Woman is Someone with a Female Body and Any Personality…Not a ‘Female Personality’ and Any Body”: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism & Transphobic Hate Speech in Progressive Academia

Distinguished Service Award 2021:

Katie Von Wald, Graduate Student Representative
Stephanie Kaylor, Graduate Student Representative

Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award 2021:

Alex Mireles

AP Pierce

Feminist Studies Remote Teaching Assistance Award 2021:

Anita Stahl


Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2020:

Megan Spencer, "Oceanic Opacities: Black Femme Aesthetics & Queer Flow"

Distinguished Service Award 2020:

Bella Restrepo,Graduate Student Representative, Queer Migrations Search Committee
Anna Wald, Feminist Studies, Graduate Student Representative

Distinguished Teaching Award 2020:

Anna Wald, Feminist Studies, Graduate Student Representative

Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2019:

Cierra Sorin, Sociology and Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis student

Distinguished Service 2019:

Allison Pierce, Feminist Studies
Jordan Victorian, Feminist Studies

Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize 2018:

Anita Stahl, Feminist Studies

Distinguished Service 2018:

Emma Schuster, Feminist Studies
Amoni Thompson, Feminist Studies

NWSA Graduate Scholarship, 2016:

Sandibel Borges, Feminist Studies

Gloria E. Anzaldua Book Prize, 2016:

Sylvanna M. Falcon, Sociology

Esther Ngan-ling Chow and Maryjoyce Green Dissertation Scholarship, 2016:

Karen Hanna, Feminist Studies

Kenneth Sherrill Best Dissertation Award, 2016:

Carly Thomsen (Ph.D. 2014), Feminist Studies

Women, Gender, and Social Justice: Intersectional and Global Research Award, 2015-16

This new UCSB graduate student award is established by Janet Afary, Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp Chair and Professor of Religious Studies and Feminist Studies and Eileen Boris, Hull Chair and Professor of Feminist Studies.

The purpose of this research award is to support graduate students who need travel funding to conduct ethnographic or archival research on topics related to women, gender, and social justice with an intersectional and/or global framing.

Each Spring, graduate students in Feminist Studies and Religious Studies, and Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis students, are eligible to apply. 
Photo of Award Winners
Feminist Studies Graduate Awards Celebration 2012

Left to Right: Leigh Dodson (Feminist Studies), Distinguished Service Award, Heather Berg (Feminist Studies), Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize, Carly Thomsen (Feminist Studies), Graduate Students Association Excellence in Teaching Award, Melissa Barthelemy (History) Feminist Studies Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award






Women, Gender, and Social Justice: Intersectional and Global Research Award:


Karen Hanna, Feminist Studies
Shawn Warner-Garcia, Feminist Studies

University Award of Distinction:

Carly Thomsen, Feminist Studies

Distinguished Service Awards:

Allison Pierce, Feminist Studies
Jordan Victorian, Feminist Studies
Emma Schuster, Feminist Studies
Amoni Thompson, Feminist Studies
Chelsea Jones, Feminist Studies
Laura Tanner, Feminist Studies
Laura Tanner, Feminist Studies
Lauren Clark, Feminist Studies
Leigh Dodson, Feminist Studies
Carly Thomsen, Feminist Studies
Joan Budesa , Sociology
Denise Gill-Gürtan, Music
Adrianna Santos, Chicana/o Studies
Alison Crossley, Sociology
Tracy Royce, Sociology


Distinguished Graduate Teaching Awards:

Sarah Jane Pinkerton, Feminist Studies
Megan Spencer, Feminist Studies 
Anita Stahl, Feminist Studies

Kristin Conover, Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology

Chloe Diamond-Lenow, Feminist Studies
Leigh Dodson, Feminist Studies
Meredith Heller, Theater & Dance

Melissa Barthelemy, History

Ryan Bowles, Film & Media Studies

Michelle Baca, Chicana/o Studies
Tracy Royce, Sociology
Cristina Serna, Chicana/o Studies

Janiene Langford, History

Lachelle Hannikel, French


Previous Winners of the Charlotte Stough Memorial Prize:


Chloe Diamond-Lenow
Feminist Studies
Stough Prize, 2017


Carly Thomsen
Feminist Studies
Stough Prize, 2014:
"The Post-Raciality and Post-Spatiality of Calls for LGBTQ and Disability Visibility."


Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips
Stough Prize, 2013:
"Techonology: Making a Face."




Heather Berg
Feminist Studies
Stough Prize, 2012:
"(Re)Locating Labor in Feminist Discourses of Sex Work."









denesAmanda Denes
Stough Prize, 2011:
"Biology as Consent: Problematizing the Scientific Approach to Seducing Women's Bodies."
Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences, University of Connecticut









Justin Bengry
Co-Winner, Stough Prize, 2010:
"Queer Profits: The Popular Press, Homosexual Scandal, and the Origins of Legal Reform in Britain."
2010-2012: Elizabeth and Cecil Kent Post Doctoral Fellowship in History, University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada








Denise Gill
Co-Winner, Stough Prize, 2010:
"Melancholy, Turkish Classical Music, and the Making of Men with Muhabbet."
2010-11: Visiting Instructor, Ethnomusicology, College of William and Mary






murilloBianca Murillo
Stough Prize, 2009:
"Ideal Homes and the Gender Politics of Consumerism in Postcolonial Ghana, 1960-70." Subsequently published in Gender and History 21.3 (November 2009): 560-575.
Currently Assistant Professor of History, Willamette University






Katrina Kimport
Stough Prize, 2008:
"Citing and Disrupting: An Analysis of the Discursive Production of Gender and Sexuality in Lesbian Marriage Photographs."
Currently Qualitative Sociologist, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), University of California, San Francisco


Karl E. Bryant
Stough Prize, 2007:
"In Defense of Gay Children?: 'Progay' Homophobia and the Production of Homonormativity." Subsequently published in Sexualities 11.4 (2008): 455-475. Paper was also co-winner of the 2007 Graduate Student Paper Award, Sexuality Studies Division of the American Sociological Association.
Currently Assistant Professor, Sociology and Women's Studies, State University of New York, New Paltz


Leandra Zarnow
Stough Prize, 2006:
"Braving Jim Crow to Save Willie McGee: Bella Abzug and the Fight for Civil Rights, 1948-1951." Subsequently published as "Braving Jim Crow to Save Willie McGee: Bella Abzug, the Legal Left, and Civil Rights Innovation, 1948-1951" in Law and Social Inquiry 33.4 (2008): 1003-1041. Paper was also co-winner of the 2007 Graduate Student Paper Competition of the journal Law and Social Inquiry, and winner of the Judith Ridge Prize for Best Article from the Western Association of Women's Historians.
2010: Post-doctoral fellowship, Center for the United States and the Cold War, Tamiment Library, New York University


Susan Keller
Stough Prize, 2005:
"Statuesque Beauty: The Porcelain Complexion and the Gilded Age."
Currently Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Literature and Languages, East Tennessee State University


Molly Talcott
Stough Prize, 2004:
"Gendered Webs of Development and Resistance." Subsequently published as "Gendered Webs of Development and Resistance: Women, Children, and Flowers in Bogota." Signs 29.2 (2004): 465-489.
Currently Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles

Carolyn Herbst Lewis
Honorable Mention, 2004:
"Waking Sleeping Beauty: The Premarital Pelvic Exam and National Security in the United States, 1950-1969." Subsequently published as "Waking Sleeping Beauty: The Premarital Pelvic Exam and Heterosexuality during the Cold War." Journal of Women's History 17.4 (2005): 86-110. Paper was also winner of the 2007 Judith Lee Ridge Prize for the best article in the field of history published by a member of the Western Association of Women Historians
Currently Assistant Professor of American and Women's History, Louisiana State University

Beth Currans
Religious Studies
Honorable Mention, 2004:
"Instituting Heteronormative Belief in the Law."
Currently Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Eastern Michigan University


Suzanne Crawford (O'Brien)
Religious Studies
Stough Prize, 2003:
"A Generation Lost: Defining Health and Wellness for Women of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation."
Currently Associate Professor, Religion and Culture, Chair of Global Studies Program, Pacific Lutheran University


Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder
Stough Prize, 2002:
"Methods of Rule: Capitalism, Imperialism, and Patriarchy in Victorian Social Novels."
Currently Adjunct Professor of Languages, Mathematics and Sciences, Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, VA


Laura S. Holliday
Stough Prize, 1999:
"Household Hints and Home Cooking: Technologies of the U.S. Kitchen, 1945-68." Subsequently published as "Kitchen Technologies: Promises and Alibis, 1944-1966." Camera Obscura 47.16 (2001): 79-131.
Currently Owner, Doc Holliday Wordsmithing


Dana Collins
Stough Prize Co-Winner, 1997:
"'No Experts! Guaranteed!!': Feminist Common Senses and the Production of a Lesbian Sex Zine, Brat Attack." Subsequently published as "'No Experts: Guaranteed!': Do-It-Yourself Sex Radicalism and the Production of the Lesbian Sex Zine 'Brat Attack.'" Signs 25.1 (1999): 65-89.
Currently Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University Fullerton

Sarah Parsons (Watson)
Art History
Stough Prize Co-Winner, 1997:
"Neurotic Masculinity: Garry Winogrand's Women are Beautiful Project and 1970's Sexual Politics of Vision."
Currently Associate Professor of Canadian Art History, Visual Arts, York University