Kimberly Soriano

Graduate Student


Race and Nations


B.A. Chicana/o Studies University of California, Los Angeles 2016

B.A. African American Studies University of California, Los Angeles 2016





Kimberly Soriano was born from working class Mexican immigrant parents and raised in Rampart District of Downtown Los Angeles attending public schools from K-12. Kimberly participated in the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program where she completed her thesis on tagging crews as sites of knowledge production and spatial negotiation for undocumented and queer youth of color. She is interested in the criminalization of youth of color specifically young brown girls. Her work looks at deviant spaces their facilitation of knowledge production, mentoring and spatial and identity navigation in the midst of gentrification. Kimberly is interested in weaponized femininity and the policing of young brown girls through extensions of the carceral regime such as gang injunctions.


Area of study: Chicana Feminism, Carceral Regime, Abolition, Criminalization, Weaponized femininity, Suicedad,