Carly Thomsen

Ph.D. Year 2014


Genders and Sexualities


Ph.D., Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Barbara

MA, Women’s Studies, University of Arizona
B.A., Rhetoric and Women’s Studies, St. Cloud State University


Feminist, queer and crip theory, activism and social movements, critical sexuality studies, bodies, health and reproduction, rurality, place, and space, and food politics.

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Thomsen, Carly. 2013. “From Refusing Stigmatization to Celebration: New Directions for ReproductiveJustice Activism.” Feminist Studies

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Thomsen, Carly. Forthcoming. “In Plain(s) Sight: Rural LGBTQ Women and the Politics of Visibility.”Queering the Countryside: New

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Thomsen, Carly. In process of revising and resubmitting. “The Politics of Narrative, Narrative as Politic:Rethinking Reproductive Justice

      Frameworks through the South Dakota Abortion Story.” Feminist Formations.


Thomsen, Carly. Under Review. “The Post-Raciality and Post-Spatiality of Calls for LGBTQ andDisability Visibility.”


Thomsen, Carly. Under Review. “The Fetish of Visibility: Malcolm X, Sex Work, and Gay Rights.”With Heather Berg.


Thomsen, Carly. 2007. “Roe v. Wade.” Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History. Oxford:  Oxford University Press.



Other Writing

Thomsen, Carly. 2013. “Not Down With CPCs?: What Feminists can Learn from the Reproductive Justice Activism at UCSB.” Feminist

      Majority Foundation blog at Sept 17.


Thomsen, Carly. 2008. “The Prism Project: Supporting LGBTQ Youth.” Community Research News.   Southwest Institute for Research on

      Women. Tucson: University of Arizona. Vol. 7.


LaDuke, Winona, John Shimek, Carly Thomsen, Mike Triplett. 2006. “White Earth Anishinaabe Nation Sustainable Energy Plan.” White   

      Earth, Minnesota: White Earth Land Recovery Project.



Manuscripts in Progress

“Queer Theory, Identity Politics, and Reproductive Justice Activism”


Teaching Experience: Instructor of Record
Activisms: Theorizing Resistance and Building Skills for Social Justice
Gender in Contemporary Society 
Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
New Sexuality Studies: Queering Research Methods 
The Politics of Reproduction: Sex, Abortion, Motherhood
Queer Theory: Space, Bodies, and Time 
Women and Work
Teaching Experience: Graduate Teaching Assistant
Women, Representation, and Culture 
Women, Society, and Culture
Additional Teaching Experience
As part of my Graduate Assistantship at the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (2007-2009), I designed and taught a weekly course entitled “Race, Gender, and Resistance” to youth aged 13-17 who were court-mandated to attend the class as part of their drug treatment program.
Teaching Awards
The Myra Sadker Foundation, Teacher Award and Grant, “Beyond Internships Versus Intellectualism: Incorporating Women’s Studies Concepts Into Social Justice Internship Programs” 
Excellence in Teaching Award and Named University Wide Teaching Associate, an honor given to one UCSB Teaching Associate annually
Outstanding Teaching Associate Award, Residence Hall Association, UCSB 
Summer Teaching Competition Winner, Department of Feminist Studies, UCSB
For a more detailed list of courses I have taught and awards I have received, please see my CV posted on my website.