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  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor, History, and Chair of Middle East Studies Program: history of modern Middle Eastern and North African history; women and gender in Muslim societies

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  • HSSB 3257
Bishnupriya Ghosh
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, English: postcolonial theory and film; feminist theory and gender studies; literatures written in English; Transnational film and popular culture studies; Gender and sexuality; Marxist cultural theory

  • (805) 893-7488
  • South Hall 2520
Avery Gordon
  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: social theory, race, gender, culture and art, radical theory and politics

  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Anthropology and History: South Asian anthropology and history, ethnohistory

  • (805) 893-2907
  • HSSB 2071
Karen B. Hanna
  • Ph.D. Year 2018

Race and Nations

  • Professor

PhD. Assistant Professor, Latin American Iberian Studies: Performance analysis; Latin America, music/dance/theatre, identity politics

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  • Music Building 1105
  • Professor

Gender, race, and health inequalities,Science & New Technologies

  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology: interventions to support the mental health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and communities; privilege and oppression; intersections among gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; and social justice.

  • (805) 893-5008
  • Ph.D. Year 2021

trans studies, feminist theory, transfeminist sports studies, queer theory

  • Graduate Student
Photo Art of Tania Abramson
  • Lecturer
  • she/her/hers

Art & Trauma, Gender & Visual Art

Areas of Study:

  • Visual Art and Culture
  • Trauma Memory and the Body
  • Gendered Violence
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Historical and Contemporary Sex Trafficking
  • Systemic Racism
  • Gendered experience of War
  • Gender Studies
  • Assistant Professor

African Diaspora, Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D, Associate Professor, Department of Global Studies: literary and cultural study of the Caribbean, Europe and North Africa from the eighteenth century to the present

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  • SSMS 2109
  • Professor

American Politics, Identity, Asian American Politics, U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics, Public Opinion and Political Behavior

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  • Ellison 3709
  • Retired Business Officer
  • Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Dean's Distinguished Professorial Scholar Washington University in Saint Louis
  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Germanic, Slavic and Semitic Studies: German language and literature, comparative literature, women’s studies

  • (805) 893-3111
  • Graduate Director
  • Professor & Kapany Chair for Sikh & Punjab Studies
  • 2125 SSMS, Department of Global Studies University of California Santa Barbara CA 93106, USA
  • Ph.D. Year 2017

Genders and Sexualities

  • Professor/Chair

Comparative race & feminisms in the Americas.

Scott Marcus
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Music: North Indian and Middle Eastern music and performance practice, Arab music theory, North Indian folk music, tuning and temperament, gender and music

  • (805) 893-3261
  • Music Building #1137
Claudine Michel
  • Professor Emeritus

Professor, Black Studies, and Director of the Center for Black Studies Research: moral development among African American women and youth, multicultural education, religion, children's literature

  • 805-893-8045
  • 3721 South Hall
Stephan Miescher
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, History: nineteenth and twentieth-century social history of west Africa, colonialism, gender, masculinities, oral historiography, history of sexualities; Modernity and History of Development

  • (805) 893-5681
  • HSSB 4241
  • Associate Professor
  • she/her/hers

Black Cultural Studies, History of Sexuality, Pornography and Sex Work

Associate Professor in the Department of Feminist Studies
Affiliate Professor in Film and Media Studies, Black Studies, History, and Comparative Literature

  • 4712 South Hall
  • Graduate Student
  • Professor in Department of English
  • Co-Director of Las Maestras Center for Xicana[x] Indigenous Thought
  • Art & Social Practice

DeColonial and Américan Indigenous Studies

  • 2709 South Hall. UCSB Santa Bárbara, California 93106-3170
  • Professor

Ph.D, Professor, Department of Classics: classicist and cultural critic with a wide range of in the ancient world. These include the ancient novel, mythology, literary criticism, art and text, sexual ethics, diversity, and pilgrimage. These interests are always connected to major contemporary concerns – leadership, class, race, feminism, aesthetics, law – a better understanding of which, in her view, comes through appreciating their investment in Classics.

  • (805) 893-3551
  • HSSB 4056
  • Graduate Student
Catherine Nesci
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor and Chair, French and Italian: nineteenth-century French literature and cultural studies, literary theory, feminist and gender studies; History of French feminism, including French women and politics (1789-present); French women writers and film directors; Colonial and post-Colonial Francophone Literature and Cinema

  • (805) 893-3111
Christopher Newfield
  • Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Professor, English: nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, literary and social theory, gender, sexuality, and race

  • Graduate Student
  • Professor
  • she/her/hers

Sexual and reproductive politics; health advocacy movements; feminist analysis of public health, medicine and science; qualitative research methods

  • (805) 893-8444
  • 4714 South Hall
Constance Penley
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Film Studies: film history and theory, media studies, literary and rhetorical studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, science and technology studies, contemporary art

  • (805) 893-4637
  • 2310 Social Sciences & Media Studies (SSMS)
  • Graduate Student

Productive and Reproductive Labors

  • Graduate Student

Gender and Sexualities

  • Business Officer
  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor, History, and Director of Public Historical Studies: American colonial history, Native American history, history of women and the family; History of Women and the Family, Law and Society, Colonialism, History and Anthropology, Public History, Museum Studies, History of Memory

Linda Putnam
  • Professor
  • Chair

Ph.D., Professor, Communication: Negotiation and conflict management in organizations; discourse studies in organizations; gender and negotiation; Organizational Communication

  • (805) 893-5316
  • 4109/4409 SS&MS