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Courses Offered in Spring 2019

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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

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The entire undergraduate curriculum is available through the annual UCSB General Catalog

View the 2019-2020 Feminist Studies Course Descriptions.

Undergraduate Special Topics

Spring 2019

FEMST 161: Constructing Sexuality

FEMST 185BD – Gender and Culture: Survey of Transgender Studies

FEMST 186AI – Gender and Society: Picturing Maria Sharapova Approaches to Representation, Gender, and the Global in Elite Sport  


Spring 2018

FEMST 161: History of Sexuality: Understanding Pornography (Anna Arrowsmith) CANCELLED

FEMST 185CE: Men and Women's Masculinities (Anna Arrowsmith) CANCELLED

FEMST 186AH: Feminism and Food: Gender and Labors from a Global Perspective (Lauren Clark)


Fall 2017

Feminist Studies Seminars

Summer Session A

FEMST 144: Women and Femmes of Color in Contemporary U.S. Activism

Summer Session B

FEMST 151: Introduction to Queer and Trans* Sports Studies


Spring 2017

FEMST 185BB: Current Gender Debates

FEMST 185KG: Freedom Dreams, Afro-Futurisms and Visions

FEMST 186WQ: Gender + Society: Current Feminist Conversations