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The Center for Feminist Futures at UC Santa Barbara invites applications for a full-time Academic Coordinator.  Position details: We seek an interdisciplinary scholar with a vision for feminist leadership, programming, collaboration, and initiatives.

Professor Debanuj DasGupta was co-convener of the recently concluded art exhibition and symposium, Vichitra Desh/Queer Nation. The exhibition featured over 30 artists engaging with queer bodies and desires. Curated by Myna Mukherjee from Engendered Arts in New Delhi, the exhibition was like an assemblage of interdisciplinary art, theory and praxis that brought together visual and performance art, social science research, life-stories, and activist ephemera as a way of narrating themes of queer life-making, identity, bodies, desires at the margins of life and death. Murmurs and exchanges
between friendship networks, the artist’s studio, and the academics desk fermenting a critical counter public that questions fantasies of nation building. A shape shifting, rather queer assemblage indeed!
  • Image from Sins Invalid: Drawing collage of fawn with one short leg, double-headed aster-like flower, curved spine, and lily overlapping with octopus tentacles on a mauve background with light blue graphics

We will read broadly across critical disability studies, medical humanities, disability justice, and health justice to tease apart and weave together conversations around disability, illness, debility, and trauma from feminist, queer, and disabled perspectives to ask how can we rethink our relations to our bodyminds and their futures. 

Course description for Femst 260: Feminist Approaches to Social Research

These professionalization workshops are designed to enhance academic and professional skills, increase chances of success in the job market, and foster a supportive and inclusive community of scholars. The workshops are based on research findings, best practices, and experiences from related fields.