Human Rights Week

Event Date: 

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 12:00pm

Event Contact: 


Associated Students Human Rights Board


12pm – 2 Same Love
Help the students of BSU make Valentine's Day cards that are LGBTQQIAA-friendly, that will be distributed to group or foster care facilities that cater to LGBTQQIAA youth/teens who have been displaced from their homes. The kids can either keep the Valentine's for themselves, or give them to someone special- regardless of gender or sex.
Outside the Arbor and inside the MERC, SRB

2pm – 4pm
“Grindr Prejudice”
Come out and discuss prejudice within the Grindr craze and the gay community. Discussion will be facilitated by Taco. Sponsored by Black Quare. Refreshments will be provided.
Multicultural Center Meeting Room

7 – 10 “Offside - Women in Iran”
Get an inside look into the experiences of women in Iran excluded from entering stadiums games, as they resort to cross dressing to get into soccer games.  Tea Baklava will be served. Sponsored by Persian Student Group and Project Nur
Multicultural Center Theater

3-5 Caste Your Luck
Join the students of South Asian Student Association as they facilitate a game of LIFE. Delve into an informative discussion about the Caste System in South Asia. Sponsored by South Asian Student Association. Food will be provided.
Santa Rosa Formal Lounge

4 – 5
“Reinstate the Grace Period”
Rally along with Student Lobby in front of Storke Plaza and express your concern about the end of the “grace period” on student loans.   Sponsored by Student Lobby
Meet outside Storke Plaza

5 – 6
“Last Train Home”
Join United Students against Sweatshops for a kick off meeting and film screening of Last Train Home take a look at the effects of neoliberalism in China. Refreshments will be provided
Mission Room, UCEN

6 -7 "Student Perspectives: Guns in Our Community”
Come have discussions with fellow UCSB students on what we can do as a campus about the rising presence of guns at schools and in our politics.  Refreshments will be provided. Hosted by EVPSA and EVPLA
 meet in the Harbor Room, UCEN

7 – 10
“Revival of Music - Afghanistan”
Examine recent issues in Afghanistan as we watch Dr Sarmast's Music School – a film on how Afghanistan's Institute of Music helps revitalize a culture and gives children a chance to transform their lives. Food will be provided following the film.
Hosted by Project Nur
HSSB 1175

12- 2 “Human Rights Wheel Of Fortune - Middle East Edition”
Test your knowledge on human rights issues in the Middle East, as Arab Student Group puts on Human Rights Wheel Of Fortune. Win some free prizes. Sponsored by Arab Student Group
Outside the Arbor

12 – 3
“Action Through Art”
Artivism – express your creativity with stenciling and spray painting with a message. Sponsored by Human Rights Board
Outside on the SRB Lawn

“Environmental Justice: Where Human Rights and the Environment Meet”
Come talk with Greeks Gone Green about how intertwined environmental problems and social justice issues are. Discuss current environmental problems disportionately burdening low income and underrepresented communities and what can be done here at UCSB and globally about these problems. 
Sponsored by Greeks Gone Green
Student Conference Room, SRB 1st floor

“Womyn Unite, Take Back the Night”
A.S. Take Back the Night, End Fake Clinics and A.S. Office of the President are hosting an open mic night. Come speak out against global violence through prepared or unprepared speech, dance, visual art and media, singing, slam poetry, spoken word, etc. Food will  beprovided. Donations will also be accepted (but not mandated) and the proceeds given to a local non-profit community agency in SB called Domestic Violence Solutions.
Sponsored by Take Back the Night in collaboration with End Fake Clinics and the A.S. Office of the President
Multipurpose room in the SRB

6 -7 “How Did We Get Here?”
Interested in discussing the Prison Industrial Complex – come to a discussion on the prison system in America.  Come get educated and enjoy some refreshments. Sponsored by Campus Democrats
Meet inside the American Indian Cultural Resource Room in the SRB

6:00 – 8:00
“Post Reform? - Morocco & Egypt”
Come join Muslim Student Association and Arab Student Group to uncover the results of the wave of uprisings in the MENA region. Allison McManus and Jamie Crowell discusses their experiences in Morocco and Egypt and the post-revolution period. Refreshments will be served prior to discussion 
Meet in the Multicultural Center Meeting Room

6:30 – 7:30
“Narratives of Undocumented Student”
Join IDEAS in an intimate discussion on the struggles of undocumented students, followed by a film screening. Listen to narratives of undocumented students and learn about the rights and resources for the undocumented community.
Meet in El Centro

7:00 -8:00
“Let’s Talk About Sex”
Voices of Planned Parenthood screens film - Let’s Talk about Sex. Followed by an open discussion and snacks.
Womyn’s Center Conference Room

12-2 (In the Arbor) How much love is in your chocolate?
Valentine's Day is when over a billion boxes of chocolate are sold but is there truly love that goes into the boxes that are given to our loved ones? Come learn about the differences of Fair and Free Trade Chocolate and the secrets about what truly goes into your favorite Valentine's Day treat. Make sure that you are getting the perfect chocolate that's sweet in all the right ways!
Tabling event sponsored by Student Food Collective and Environmental Affairs Board

12 – 3 Voices for Planned Parenthood
Stop by VOX tabling in the Arbor discussing the advantages of Planned Parenthood. All are welcome to come out, ask questions and get free condoms.

2 -3 “Boxed In?”
Join the office of the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs, as they delve into a solution to the check box problem on applications. Come participate in the discussion and call for change.
Meet in the Multicultural Center Meeting Room

5 – 7:30
“Nothing Like Chocolate”
World renowned film screening of Nothing Like Chocolatefollows the implication of chocolate on a macro and micro level followed by a discussion with director Professor Kum Kum.
Multicultural Center Theater

5-:630 "Breaking Up with the Tar Sands"
The Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) presents keynote speaker Professor John Foran to educate students on the controversy of the Keystone XL. EAB will highlight the intersection between social injustices and environmental impacts that occurs with the extraction of Tar Sands. After learning about the Keystone Pipeline, we will look to you to discuss the importance of our activism for human rights and against the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.
Hosted by Environmental Affairs Board

8:30 – 11:00
“Palestinian Culture Night”
Often overlooked, come join the students of Students for Justice in Palestine as they present a night of Palestinian food, music, and art. Sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine
Multipurpose room in the SRB

12:00 – 1:00
“How to party responsibly” –  Want to learn which beverage companies support human rights violations? Come join our discussion about what companies you should and should not support in order to party in a (socially) responsible way.
Sponsored by Human Rights Board

1:00 - 2:00
“Hey, What the Fuck?!”
Join the Radical Bytches as we discuss the implications of feminism and delve into discussions of transnational feminism, womynism, and the intersectionality of women of color.
Multipurpose Room in the SRB

2 - 4
“Activist Walking Tour”
UCSB has a rich history of student and community activism on campus and in IV. These protests, campaigns and events changed the face of our university and the successes are enjoyed by all students today. Join Sophia Armen and Aaron Jones and take a different tour of campus to learn of the historic activist events that took place here. Sponsored by Human Rights Board and Office of the President
Meet Outside MPR of the SRB