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The faculty in the Department of Feminist Studies are unflinching lovers of freedom and proud members of the collectives at UCSB fighting for Palestinian liberation and an end to the genocide in Gaza.  While the University of California has responded to this organizing with numerous attacks on free speech and right to assembly, UCSB students and faculty have demonstrated that the urgency of the unfolding genocide in Palestine and the strength of our movement are greater than these tactics to silence us. 

  • Being #BlackintheIvory Book Flier

This curated collection of original personal narratives from Black scholars across the country seeks to continue the conversation that started with BlackintheIvory.

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  • Artwork: “Don’t forget to dance” by Anthony Hurd. Pictures two cowboys dancing while embracing.

This seminar is a survey of recent works in Queer and Trans studies/critique with a special emphasis on queer and trans subjects of color. 


Kamala’s War: Art by Jaishri Abhichandani 



Given the role of the US state in waging several wars around the world, this seminar raises questions such as what might it mean to think of queer & trans* theory simultaneously with ongoing wars around the world?

Course Description for FEMST 280B: Research Seminar in Feminist Studies 



CARE: THE HIGHEST STAGE OF CAPITALISM APRIL 15, 2024 DR. PREMILLA NADASEN Displaying Image_20240401_133257.jpeg
  1. April 15, 2024 - 11:00am to 12:15pm