Fall 2020 Message from the Chair

Welcome to Feminist Studies Academic year 2020-21!


As we start this academic year, many of us are feeling our resilience being tested. Please reach out and connect to UCSB Feminist Studies in classes and on social media as well as other communities where you can take space to express yourself, analyze the complexities, and gain strength from each other. At this time, the list of challenges is so very long and we have accumulated social injustices. Feminist Studies as a field and as a department are touched by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the fate of the Supreme Court membership; the BLM and Say Her Name movements and backlashes; the anti-Black police violence deaths of so many Black folks, including Breonna Taylor’s, the September verdict, and the wide outcry; the blatant and covert sexism, racism, heterosexism, anti-trans, and anti-immigrant stances in national, state, and local political campaigns; the threats to voting rights and democratic processes; climate and environmental injustice; the pandemic’s global effects on health, mental health, economic well-being.


We come together to acknowledge the persistence of inequalities and the resilience of feminist, LGBTQ, anti-racist struggle. We share with each other intersectional feminist and LGBTQ scholars’ work to uncover, understand, and unravel intersection oppressions. We take time to celebrate and mourn; to act and to witness; to shout and to listen; to teach and to learn.


In feminist, social justice solidarity,



Laury Oaks

Professor and Chair

Department of Feminist Studies

4th Floor, South Hall

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-7110



I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which the University of California, Santa Barbara is located, and pay my respect to the Chumash Elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, and the culture of this area, which has become a place of learning for people from all over the world.