Former UCSB Feminist Studies Doctoral Emphasis Student, Meredith Heller has a book published!

Published by Indiana University Press in January of 2020, Meredith Heller's book, Queering Drag: Redefining the Discourse of Gender-Bending, "explains how these performances bend, twist or otherwise challenge gender categories" according to a NBW News article.

The book is descriped as Heller's highlight on how "standard drag discourses do not sufficiently capture the complexity of performers' intents and methods, nor do they provide a strong enough foundation for holistically evaluating the impact of this work". Using a handful of diverse examples she looks at a variety of drag expressions throughout the late 1800s to the twentieth century. 


The link to purchase her book can be found here as well as linked down below! You can also find the article that highlights her book here or down below.