Excellence in Teaching Awards to Dr. Miller-Young and FEMST Doctoral Student Anita Stahl!

Dr. Miller-Young has been awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award. FEMST Doctoral Student Anita Stahl has been awarded the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. The Academic Senate recognizes 13 faculty members and graduate students for their excellence in teaching and mentorship. 

"The Academic Senate, with support of the Chancellor, has established several categories of awards to recognize outstanding achievements in a range of activities that support the research and the teaching missions of the University,” said Henning Bohn, Academic Senate chair and a professor of economics. “For each category of award, we invite nominations and then convene a committee of faculty volunteers to choose the award recipients, often from a substantial number of excellent candidates. We have many outstanding teachers and researchers on campus and we believe the Academic Senate awards are a good way to give them some well-deserved recognition.” To read more, click here.