Congratulations to Yuri and Maisnam, IHC Award Winners!!

Award Recipient: 

Yuri F. and Maisnam A.

Award Date: 

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Zine Workshop Series /QTBIPOC Identities and Futurities
Maisnam Arnapal, Feminist Studies
Ricardo Delgado Solis, Chicana/o Studies
Yuri Fraccaroli, Feminist Studies
John Jairo Valencia, Chicana/o Studies

Through a series of workshops and the production of a collective zine, we seek to document the stories and dreams of UCSB’s QTBIPOC students. Workshops will facilitate intergenerational dialogues between current and past UCSB students engaging themes like memory, identity, and healing. The project invites QTBIPOC students who are intellectually curious about social justice to engage in praxis based methodologies of theoretical frameworks in Feminist Studies and Chicana/o Studies. Through the merging of theoretical and pedagogical approaches found in both disciplines, we hope to create an intellectual home within UCSB’s campus where QTBIPOC students can find creative inspiration and healing.

IHC award announcement